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Welcome to the Dungeoneering Crew's Wiki

This Wiki is for a private group of dungeon delvers playing D&D. The only people with access to anything beyond this page are the players and the Dungeon Master.

There will be an open area where players and the DM will enter information that all of them can see and edit. In that area, there will be links to player and DM areas as well. These links lead to area's managed by you, where you can keep a copy of your character sheet and character description information that will be visible to all participants. There is also going to be a journal area complete with audio recordings of specific sessions that you can refer back to.

There will also be a private area where there are links to Player and DM areas where you can keep a copy of you character or DM notes that you want to keep private.

This is very new so we'll have to workout how to control permissions and manage access to the various areas. Bare with me on that. This is all new to me.



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